The Story of Slow Cooking

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The Story of Slow Cooking:
In the mid-1970s, the slow cooker was invented. It was originally designed for making baked beans and was marketed to the public as an appliance that  would cook a wholesome meal unattended, ready to be served after a hard day’s work. As such it caught the attention of those with busy working lives. It lived up to its promise, and busy working mothers, families and students soon discovered its delights. The slow cooker’s popularity continued for a decade.

Slow Cooker

However, with the booming economy years in the late 1980’s and 1990s, the demand for economical cuts of meat fell. They were replaced by lean prime cuts such as chicken breast portions and beef steak, which were more suited to fast cooking methods, such as grilling , broiling and stir-frying. Time-saving appliances appeared on the scene.

Above: Impressive terrines can be made using the slow cooker as a bain-marie.

Including the microwave-and with their arrival, many slow cookers were left to gather dust.



By: Catherine Atkinson & Jenni Fleetwood on the book of “Best-Ever Slow Cooker One-pot & Casserole”.














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