Reasons of establishing Private University

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Why establishing Private University

Establishing Private University have several reason and the reasons are logical and reality. By establishing Private University government can create education facility for higher study to there nation. The reasons are bellow-

Firstly, in every moment population is increasing in the world; the population have risen so quickly. Such as Bangladesh, that the figures come to 160 million in 2011, which was 45 million in 1971 in a span of just 40 years. As a result, more young people are coming to university for higher education.

Secondly, The most dominant factor which has influenced for establishing Private University is the non availability of desired major program in many Public Universities.


reason of establishing Private University

Growing population as well as number of students

Thirdly, reason of establishing Private University, The fact that the number of seats in the esteemed Public Universities in a given program say BBA is very limited, students these days tend to opt for lesser known institution, Private Universities have capitalized this situation by limiting in the number of students to few disciplines like BBA, MBA, Computer Science, Engineering and Medicine, which are very much demand in the job market.


Fourthly, The standard of education in most of the Public Universities is not up to the mark due to reasons including students’ politics, irregular & interrupted classes & examinations, unsatisfactory teacher- student ratio. On the otherhand, all these problems have completely nonexistent in the Private Universities of Bangladesh.


Fifthly, A student not being able to get a seat in the esteemed Public Universities had very few options left to them. Some of them went abroad to study to countries such as India, U.K, USA and Australia etc. Eventually our country had to suffer from losing huge amounts of hard earned foreign currency and also the brain drain factor to a large extent.

Lastly, The Private Universities have directly helped in saving foreign currency as well as brain drain. Large amounts of scholarship are also available for students with brilliant academic results.


Finally it can be summed up that Private Universities are doing a great job. Many of the universities are functioning excellent as a matter of fact, and they require on support to turn out to be model educational institutions in the country.

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